goals: a philosophy

I’m what you might call an “over-planner” and an “under-doer.” I can research, and list, and plan, and organize like nobody’s business, but when it comes to the follow-through, well, that’s where I fall a bit short. Actually doing the things I plan to do is something I feel like I’m always working on.

I’ve tried all sorts of different goal and planning systems (of course), but the first one I feel has actually helped me is a monthly goal approach, inspired by Elise of the blog Enjoy It.

It’s a pretty basic plan. Each month, I pick a few things I really want to focus on and create specific corresponding goals. August is just my second month of working with monthly goals, but I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere for once. I’m definitely getting a better sense of how much I can expect from myself and how to create goals that are attainable by being realistic about my time, my interests, and–maybe most importantly–my weaknesses. I post my list of goals above my desk at home where I see them at least once a day, a constant reminder of my priorities. They hang next to a print of a line from one of my favorite Joan Baez songs : joan baez quote

This blog is actually one of my August goals. Just writing that first post was a struggle, but being a part of the blogging community (which I refuse to call the blogosphere for any reason other than to criticize said word) was something I knew I definitely wanted (for lots of reasons I might cover some other day).

A few days ago, I was reading this post about blogging from Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest, and I was struck by a point she made about the importance of fitting your blog to your lifestyle. I realized that this was a mistake I made over and over again in past blogging attempts. I’ve tried to fit in with the blogging community, to create features and posts like those I’ve enjoyed on other sites instead of just sharing what comes naturally, what I like. Books, wine, radio, words; these are the things I know and love. And so it makes sense to talk about those things here, to create my own space instead of just trying to fit in.

So that’s my goal: to be me on this blog. My goals might change from month to month, but that one’s staying on the list. A constant reminder to keep it real.


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