worth a listen: the moth

hemingway on bullfighting

If you like stories (and, honestly, are there people who don’t?), you’ll love The Moth. Their podcast features stories told by people of all backgrounds and levels of fame at live shows across the country. The stories come in all shapes and sizes, some hysterical, some heartbreaking, all engaging in the way any good story should be.

The story I listened to today was told by A.E. Hotchner, author, social-entrepreneur, and long-time friend of Ernest Hemingway. Plenty of people (especially women) don’t like Hemingway, but he’s a fantastic character in Hotchner’s story of unintentionally becoming a backup matador for a bullfight. It’s a short piece, light and fun, one of those fantastic tales of the trouble young men can get into when their full of wine and bravado.

You can listen to this story, and all of The Moth’s podcasts, through iTunes. Learn more about The Moth, their history, and their mission, on their website.

*I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. Because I love to learn. Because it’s a medium unlike any other. And, mostly, because there are so many good stories being told through audio. Worth a Listen is my way of sharing things I’ve found that struck me as particularly thoughtful, or funny, or moving, or just…worth a listen. If you’ve heard something recently that’s sticking with you, please share!*


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