happy hour: shiraz

barefoot shiraz

Barefoot Shiraz , $5.99
(I’m not sure Barefoot even bothers with vintages, but I think this is technically a 2011.)
Barefoot wine is something of an ace in the hole for me. It’s the easy choice, the go-to-guy after a bummer day when I don’t have it in me to mull over the wine racks. Best of all, I don’t feel a shred of guilt over spending six bucks on a bottle of wine; I mean, it hardly costs more than a value meal. Of course, it’s not the most amazing wine in the world. But this shiraz is solid good. Super fruity, like a good jam. It’s got a comforting bit of spice to it and a warmth that melts away the sharp edges of a rough day.
*Rack, Cellar, or Skip: Rack.

*Let’s be real. I don’t know much about wine, but I know what I like and what I can afford. Here’s a rating system that makes sense for my life.
Rack: Easy to find at $10 or less and solid good.
Cellar: >$10 and worth it.

Skip: It’s wine, so of course it’s drinkable, but you can do better.


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