working on yes

I try to keep my monthly goals pretty specific, but I kind of bailed on that with this one. Among other things, I’m simply aiming to say yes more.

Usually you hear people talking about needing to learn to say no. But I’m not talking about helping others or over-committing myself with work and favors. And it’s not that I’m a terribly negative person who lives by “no.” It’s just that no can be much easier than yes. No, when it means staying home, not trying new things, not going new places, sticking with only the familiar, avoiding the slightest squeeze against the boundaries of my comfort zone, is the lazy way out.

Of course, laziness has its place. Specifically, Saturday mornings accompanied by coffee, pjs, and a book (or, okay, Pinterest). And it’s not like I’m looking for crazy adventure or even wanting to shun my comfort zone altogether. I just want to push a little further, grow a little more. And embracing yes seems like the right away to do that.



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