worth a listen: this american life

colin warner on talOk, so if you listen to radio or podcasts or NPR at all, you’ve probably heard of This American Life. It’s the classic radio storytelling program, and it’s producers (namely, Ira Glass) nailed the technique a long time ago (true, that makes for a pretty predictable program at this point, but this hardly diminishes its worth).

I’ve listened to dozens and dozens of TAL episodes, and there are very few that I wouldn’t recommend. However, I was recently reminded of this one titled “DIY” about a man who is wrongly convicted of murder and the efforts made by friends and strangers alike to free him. The story is tragic but beautifully told; Colin’s words resound with an unexpected grace and the determination of his defenders speaks for something deeply human yet too often lacking in our judicial system.

You can listen to “DIY” and the entire This American Life archive on their website or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

*I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. Because I love to learn. Because it’s a medium unlike any other. And, mostly, because there are so many good stories being told through audio. Worth a Listen is my way of sharing things I’ve found that struck me as particularly thoughtful, or funny, or moving, or just…worth a listen. If you’ve heard something recently that’s sticking with you, please share!*


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