I believe in the value of  a well-chosen accessory.*

Mark Twain said he could live for two months on a good compliment, and, while a scarf or necklace in the perfect color and drape isn’t quite life-sustaining, it can make an average day a few shades brighter.


So I’m working on filling out my jewelry box this month. The problem I’ve had is that I hate shopping for accessories. I get overwhelmed by all the options. Silver or gold? Or copper? Maybe a natural material? Or something in green? And I usually end up walking away, heading for the shoes instead (there’s a lot less variety there when you wear a size 10).

For whatever reason, I thought if I were to make my own jewelry, my decisions might come a little more easily. So this month, one of my goals is to make a single piece of jewelry (thing number one I’ve learned about goal setting: starting small exponentially increases your chances of success). Of course, just deciding what this piece would be was pretty time-consuming for me. I wanted to start with something simple (since, you know, I know almost nothing about jewelry-making), but something I really liked and would actually wear. And I didn’t want to drop a ton on supplies.

After poking around through some past-pins, I found this little cluster necklace tutorial and it seems pretty perfect. Relatively simple design, limited amount of supplies, just a few beads, and very wearable. Next step: picking out beads. That’ll be an event, for sure.

*Ok, so, I have to take a few steps back here. Because this statement feels shallow. Placing it at the beginning like that, creating a sort of headstone for what lies beneath, gives it a weight I’m uncomfortable with. Because accessorizing, when compared to every.other.thing. I could have started with, seems so insignificant. So let’s just agree, right now, that there are tens of thousands of things-that-are-not-things more valuable than accessories. Ok? I feel better.)


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