January Goals: finish knitting that cowl

I don’t remember exactly when or why I decided to learn to knit. I know it was in December of last year, and it was probably just the realization that, hey, if I like to wear scarves so much, I should probably just learn how to make one already. So I did.
IMG_0554But, of course, I couldn’t just start with something simple. Once I figured out the difference between a knit and purl, I was ready to take on a challenge. I pored over a variety of scarf and cowl patterns on Pinterest and through Google image search and finally settled on this Brioche Cowl from the Purl bee. I started and then pulled everything out and then restarted…and then pulled everything out. All told, I probably began again on that damn thing at least five times. And then there were the dropped stitches to deal with, the “what in the hell did I do wrong there?” moments when I almost cried but instead just stepped away and came back later to carefully pick my way through whatever mess I’d created.

Halfway through, I realized, despite my best efforts, I’d twisted the stitches when I joined the circle together. When I told my husband this he, so sweetly, said, “What do you have to do to fix that?”

The answer, of course, is to rip the whole thing apart and start over. Which I definitely did not do. So, a month later, I’m done and so proud despite the wonky twist that makes it super twisted and weird when I double it up to slip around my neck. But I don’t care. Because it’s my first ever knitted something. Which makes it awesome to me.

IMG_0606Aaaaand I’ve already moved on to my next project. Another cowl; a much simpler one: knit one, purl one. It would have made a great beginner project, but that’s just not me.


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