2/29: The Sisters Brothers

2 x 29

Book #2: The Sisters Brothers
by: Patrick deWitt

One sentence review: The Sisters Brothers is an easy, enjoyable read that combines the action of a western, the humor of a comedy, and the depth of a drama without feeling over-done or unoriginal.

Once more, with feeling: The Sisters Brothers was pretty hyped up throughout all of last year, so there was basically no way it was going to live up to the expectations I had for it. So, no, it didn’t change my life or anything, but it was solid good and I enjoyed every minute. The story follows the notorious Sisters brothers on their latest job–the finding and murdering of one Hermann Kermit Warm–and is told from the younger brother’s point of view. He’s also the softer of the two; he’s self-conscious about his weight, desperately lonesome, sentimental towards his one-eyed horse, and doubtful about continuing in his morally questionable career. His brother is the tough cowboy sort; drunken, greedy, and a “pig” when it comes to women. They’re a wonderful pair of characters and, as in any truly good novel, their dept is revealed by the events that take place. I’d recommend The Sisters Brothers to pretty much anyone who can handle a little lewdness and a fair amount of violence.


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