February goals: progress (or lack thereof)

February’s not quite over yet but I can already say it hasn’t been a great month goal-wise for me. I think I saw this coming from the start, though. Many of my goals are extensions of January’s goals–do more yoga, knit more scarves, keep up with this blog, etc. And I worried about that a little, knowing I didn’t feel the same inspiration that comes with fresh new goals. But I went ahead with them because they were all things I wanted to do.

But that’s what I’m learning about goals. I can’t just set some around stuff I know I want to do; if I want to really succeed, to really achieve, I have to set ones around the stuff that I want to do right now. That sounds a little…self-satisfying, but, because most of my goals are nonessential, if I don’t reach them, nothing happens. There’s really no external force motivating me to reach the goals I set for myself. It’s almost entirely internally driven. So if I’m not totally stoked for them from the start, I’m just setting myself up for failure.

So here’s to digging a little deeper for March; to thinking on these goals on a little more; to new projects with new energy; to pinpointing what’s driving me right now and focusing my energies there. Here’s to the real beauty of monthly goals: a second chance every 30(ish) days.


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